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Climate Change/Weather Change?

There is a huge debate that is happening about climate and weather changes on planet Earth. There are numerous theories and facts. To make sense of it all, one will have to absorb and digest so much information and still come out uncertain. Whether you are a skeptic or believer, it is worth paying attention to what is taking place around you.

Here in southern Ontario, I have personally noticed a warmer than usual winter this year. This is welcome news to me as I love warm weather. My observation reveals that the weather is not the same as always. There must be some change taking place. To those you who love warm weather, please join me for a toast. To more warm weather…Cheers!

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Pray for Migrants

News about migrants in Europe and other parts of the world is not good. Leaving ones country involuntarily is not good. Many people in Canada are immigrants and many did not come here by choice. If you have migrated in your life you will know this first hand.

Say a prayer for all migrants around the world. May they have faith and hope. May they endure what has come upon them with strength and courage. Back your prayers by finding a way to help them financially. You will feel good about it!

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Voter Turnout


Canadian Federal Party politicians are out campaigning again and citizens will soon be voting to elect a Prime Minister and members of parliament. One worrying fact that is based on statistics is that many people will not vote. In the most recent Federal election, 61.4% turned out to vote How about the rest?

  • Would results be different if all eligible voters exercised this right?
  • Would you consider the convenience of voting online? The time and technology is certainly here and now.
  • Should voting be made mandatory like payment of taxes?

After the election, whether you voted or not, leaders will make decisions that affect you. Decisions such as to how your tax dollars are spent will impact you and family.  This is another call to you to get out and vote and be part of the process. You will feel good that you were part of the decision whatever the outcome. After all there will only be one person elected as Prime Minister.  So don’t worry if your choice is not elected. You will have to work with the majority to shape this country, just like all the unsuccessful people.

Every vote matters including yours. So get out and vote.


Canadians voted in record numbers and the outcome was a majority Liberal government with a new Prime Minister. Thanks for exercising your right. Now the real work begins and it must include all who won and lost. In order to get things moving properly, it is important that all parties come together, forget about continuing with political division and work for the common good of the country. I plan to watch how all this works out. If done properly we shall see great growth in this great country. Stay tuned.